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Roshpit Champions currently has 3 difficulties:

  1. Normal
  2. Elite
  3. Legend

in the form of 5 different maps.

Which Difficulty Should I Choose?

If you are new to Roshpit Champions, you will want to choose Normal Difficulty even if you want to be challenged. The difficulty system in Roshpit Champions is really more of a progression system. Because Roshpit Champions allows you to Save and Load your character between sessions and even difficulties, you should play in Normal difficulty first to level up and gain experience and equipment before moving on to Elite.

Once you get to the point where you can conquer your current difficulty (Note that this often requires teamwork!) then give the next difficulty a try! If it is still too hard, go back and keep farming for more items and levels! If you need help, ask for it in the Roshpit Champions custom game chat channel.

How Do I Unlock The Next Difficulty?

Recent updates have made unlocking the next difficulty obsolete as the maps of previous updates are, at this point, no longer playable. Difficulty selection is now done on a session by session basis. Refer to the previous selection to gauge your character's readiness in taking on the next difficulty.

How To Change Difficulties:

As difficulty is now determined in session, instead of determined during creation of the instance, the maps are no longer separated regarding such.

Instead, you must now choose in the lobby loading screen.


Note that the default difficulty setting is Normal, and once all parties have loaded in you may change the difficulty.

The recommended levels for each difficulty are also shown.

Differences Between Difficulties (Incomplete)

  • Each successive difficulty has the following advantages over it's predecessors:
    • Killing enemies gives more experience points
    • Enemies and treasure chests generally drop better items:
      • Higher level
      • Higher potential rolls
    • Weapons will have higher potential rolls
    • Some items have a higher chance of dropping in higher difficulties (ex. Reanimation Stone)

Normal Specific Changes

  • You will still be able to respawn and continue the game if the whole team dies (This is not the case in elite and legend.)

Legend Specific Changes

  • Enemies in legend have a special modifier that reduces all damage done to them by 85% (In version 2.2).
  • Bosses in legend have a special modifier that reduces all damage done to them by 96% (In version 2.2).