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Items in Roshpit Champions come in many different forms. Items are dropped by defeated enemies and by treasure chests.

Item Types

  1. Regular Equipment: able to be equipped. See Inventory & Equipment for more info.
    • Regular item no rarity.jpg
  2. Weapons: able to be equipped to the weapon slot. See Weapons for more info.
    • Weapon no rarity.jpg
  3. Potions: Can restore health and mana or grant attribute bonuses that last for the game session.
    • Potions no rarity.jpg
  4. Gold: Can be used to buy items at Gheed's Gambling Post or from the mystery merchant in the Vault of the Pretender dungeon.
    • Gold coin on ground.jpg
  5. Glyphs - image soon.
  6. Other: Reanimation Stone - used to reset your skill and rune points
    • Reanimation stone.png

Item Tooltip

Hover over an item in your inventory to see it's tooltip.
Item tooltip diagram.jpg

  1. This displays the rarity of the item. See the "Item Rarity" section below.
  2. This tells you what slot the item will be equipped to. See Inventory & Equipment for more info.
  3. Roll slot 1. See the "Item Rolls" section below.
  4. Roll slot 2. See the "Item Rolls" section below.
  5. Required hero level to be able to equip the item.

Item Rarity

There are currently 5 item rarities. Different rarity items appear differently on the ground when dropped by enemies. You can also see an item's rarity by hovering over the item in your inventory to see it's description. Note that Roshpit Champion item rarities are named similarly to Dota 2 item rarities, but there is no relationship between the two.
Note that the pictures below show different item rarities for regular equipment but potions and weapons have similar rings around them to depict their rarities. Currently there are no immortal rarity weapons or potions.

  1. Common
    • Regular item no rarity.jpg
  2. Uncommon
    • Regular item no rarity.jpg
  3. Rare
    • Regular item rare.jpg
  4. Mythical
    • Regular item mythical.jpg
  5. Immortal - See Immortal Item Directory for a list of Immortal Items and information about them.
    • Regular item immortal.jpg

Item Rolls

Almost every item has 1 or more "Rolls". A "Roll" is a slot on the item that, when the item is equipped, gives your character a bonus to some rune or attribute like Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Armor, Max Health, etc.

Different rarities of items or weapons have a different number of rolls:

  1. Common: 1 roll
    • Item tooltip common.jpg
  2. Uncommon: 2 rolls
    • Item tooltip uncommon.jpg
  3. Rare: 3 rolls
    • Item tooltip rare.jpg
  4. Mythical: 4 rolls
    • Item tooltip mythical.jpg
  5. Immortal: 4 rolls, some of which can be a special ability or a special roll that is unusually high or that cannot be rolled on items of lower rarity.
    • Item tooltip immortal.jpg