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Weapons are Items that can be equipped to your 'weapon' equipment slot.


  • Weapons are unique to a character. You cannot equip a weapon unless it is a weapon that is specific to your character.
  • Weapons do not have a minimum level requirement to equip them.
  • Weapons have rarity just like other Items. Immortal weapons only drop in Pit of Trials.
  • Weapons will usually roll an attribute, increased attack damage, and runes. The number of rolls depends on the item rarity.
  • The weapons for some characters have unique rolls.
  • Weapons can level up. See "Weapon Levels" below.

Weapon Levels

When you equip a new weapon it will be level 1. Look at the weapon tooltip (by hovering over the weapon in your inventory or equipment) to see it's "Max Level". Currently the highest max weapon level in the game is level 50.

Every time your weapon gains a level, the rolls on the weapon will get stronger:

  1. Roll slot 1 will increase by 10%
  2. Roll slot 2 will increase by 5%
  3. Roll slot 3 will increase by 5%
  4. Roll slot 4 will increase by 5%

Note that these increases will round UP if there is a fractional value.

Weapon Calculator

If you are too lazy to do the calculations yourself, Mirarara has created a google spreadsheet that will do the calculations for you. You will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet to be able to edit it. Click the link to get to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pcXaygtsc2VdsbkuUusq6dM9cA_zrV09Lk-qIbAISnY/edit#gid=18384325

Immortal Weapons[edit | edit source]

Immortal Weapons currently only drop in the Pit of Trials in Arena.

The required level to equip any of these is 100.

Character Name Boosts Effect
Astral Ranger Celestia Bonus attack damage

+ All attributes

No special effect
Auriun Prophecy Intelligence When taking damage, ignore the damage instance and fade from enemy view for 1.5 seconds. 4 second cooldown
Bahamut Universe Rune Base ability damage % Damage from Abilities and Manifold Judgement have a 20% chance to be nuked for 4x the damage dealt as pure damage
Chernobog Svarog's Divine Claw Bonus attack damage Demon Hunter's max damage taken % threshold is reduced by 2
Conjurer Enlightened Orb of Azerath Aspect health bonus

Base ability damage %

No special effect
Duskbringer Nightfire Strength Duskfire stacks build 2x faster
Elemental Warlord ??? ??? ???
Ekkan Soul Reacher Bonus attack damage Walking over a corpse collects it adds 100000 base attack damage. Max 6 corpses and corpses last for 10 seconds
Epoch Guardian Eye of Chronos Bonus attack damage Genesis Orb fires an additional 2 orbs in parallel and deals 2x damage
Flamewaker Ragnarok Strength Casting Cataclysm applies a 50 charge shield that reduces damage taken by 90%
Hydroxis Sapphire Trident Strength Increases the damage of Poseidon's Fury by 100% and increases the radius by 50%
Mountain Protector Runeblade of V'noth Base ability damage % Shockwave's stun duration is increased by 0.35 seconds
Paladin Radiance Strength Casting Heroic Fury applies a 7 charge Divine Aegis for 8 seconds. Max Divine Aegis stacks from attacks increased to 7
The Red General Rakash, Grandfather Axe Strength Reduces all damage taken by 50%
Seinaru Onimaru Bonus attack damage ALL Physical damage dealt deals an additional 35% pure damage
Solunia ??? ??? ???
Sorceress Staff of Yulsaria Base ability damage %


No special effect
Spirit Warrior ??? Bonus attack damage Flameblood and Windstrike weapons last 10 seconds longer and deal 100% increased damage
Trapper Rising Sun Bonus attack damage

Base ability damage %

No special Effect
Venomort Venomblight Base ability damage Casting W increases attack damage by 400% for 3.5 seconds.
Voltex Gravity Volt Bonus attack damage Static deals an additional 15% of enemies' current health as pure damage. 5% on bosses